About Cygnus-AI

The Cygnus-AI team includes leaders in machine learning, computer vision, medical practice, and healthcare reimbursement, as well as experienced business advisors.

We understand that imaging diagnostics today is often a manual, labor intensive process. This problem, combined with the finite number of radiologists and increased demand, has created large system business challenges, physician burnout, errors, and reading delays that impact patient care and satisfaction.

We are committed to using AI to solve these problems by creating imaging tools that provide radiologists with the information they need to arrive at a medical diagnosis quickly, accurately and consistently.

Cygnus-AI is poised to benefit patients, providers, and the overall healthcare system by creating tools designed to aid radiologists, empowering them to deliver a new standard of care.

In order to lead in the development and commercialization of advanced AI-based imaging tools and applications, we follow a set of operational principles and values that drive our daily approach to business. 

We will always focus on both current and evolving near-term customer needs and a model of operational excellence that consistently employs the highest standard of ethical business practices. We also understand the importance of and are committed to diversity and equal opportunity within the workplace. 

Additionally, we will achieve technical leadership in the field by applying artificial intelligence in novel ways that quickly translate into practical, usable, and affordable products. While focused on bringing practical tools to meet today’s clinical needs and opportunities, Cygnus-AI remains committed to constant research and development that pushes the envelope of AI in healthcare, keeping Cygnus-AI at the forefront of this innovative and ever-changing field.