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Artificial Intelligence for Radiologists

Our current product offerings are innovative clinical decision support tools that enable radiologists to perform their work more efficiently and consistently. Our suite of products seamlessly integrate into radiologists’ current workflow, eliminate unwanted variability and risk from imaging readings. By automating mundane tasks, our suite of products improve provider performance in a way that decreases burnout, improves efficiency, reduces risk and delivers economic benefits for our customers, while improving quality and patient care.


Cygnus Lung

Cygnus Lung detects suspicious lung tissue with 3D imaging. This tool is easy to implement, use, and integrate. Cygnus Lung generates significant benefits by:

Enabling radiologists to explore and interact with their volumetric data and analyze it at the voxel level, enabling the highest quality of imaging assessment and clinical interpretation.

Providing radiologists with the ability to utilize data quantitatively and volumetrically in novel ways.

    Reducing interpretation variability and lowering the probability of errors.

    Increasing user efficiency by quickly guiding radiologists to potential pathology and then automating many mundane but important tasks for faster interpretations.